What GN-PBO Members Can Learn From IMF Case Studies of Fiscal Councils

These case studies examines how each council performs its core functions and if and how it impacts on the fiscal policy debate. The seven fiscal councils are: Belgium (Conseil Supérieur des Finances—HCF), Canada (Parliamentary Budget Officer—PBO), Hungary (Költségvetési Tanács), Korea (National Assembly Budget Office—NABO), the Netherlands (Centraal Planbureau—CPB), Sweden (Finanspolitiska rådet), and the United States (Congressional Budget Office-CBO). The analysis goes beyond descriptions of formal processes and applies both quantitative and qualitative methods within the limits of available data to assess if and how a fiscal council influences the policy debate.


The analysis examines in details whether the fiscal council was effective in using its channels of influence to impact the policy debate through the media and then considers whether it is possible to identify its impact on fiscal policy-making, albeit in most cases, this is indirect. We thought this might be of interest to our GNPBO community member.

Please join the author of the case study in our next webinar to discuss what can GNPBO members learn from these case studies.


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