2018 Value Creation Form: Outcomes to be achieved

Basic Information


Prompting Questions:

  • Which idea(s) presented during the 2018 GN-PBO Annual Assembly did you find the most useful to be implemented in your respective Office?
  • With whom did you interact or make connections that could be beneficial for your Office?


Prompting Questions:

  • Which action will you undertake upon your return?
    • Have you acquired new skills or knowledge/ has you understanding of the specific topic or your perspective has changed?
    • Did you acquire access to documents or sources of information you would not have otherwise?
    • etc.
  • What access to new people have you gained? Do you feel comfortable enough to turn to them for their assistance? If yes, in which capacity?
  • Why do you think that it will be beneficial for your Office?

3) Realized VALUE

Prompting Questions:

  • What specific outcomes did you achieve?

4) Applied value

Prompting Questions:

  • What specific actions did you take?
  • How was it implemented?

If you will have any questions on the Value Creation Story process, please contact Ermal Vila, World Bank at evila@worldbank.org