Form 1: Outcomes already achieved or in the process of being achieved



Prompting Questions:

  • Which idea(s) presented during the GN-PBO activity did you find the most useful to be implemented in your respective Office? Please specify the activity (Annual Assembly, GN-PBO Webinar, GN-PBO Working Group).
  • With whom did you interact or make connections that was beneficial for your Office?


Prompting Questions:

  • Which actions did undertake upon your return? (have you acquired new skills or knowledge/ has you understanding of the specific topic or your perspective has changed/ did you acquire access to documents or sources of information you would not have otherwise, etc.?)
  • What access to new people have you gained? Did you feel comfortable enough to turn to them for their assistance? If yes, what interactions have you undertaken and what  were the results (study tours/ cooperation between respective Offices, etc.)?
  • Why was beneficial for your Office?


Prompting Questions:

  • Who took actions? You or have you contacted other stakeholders to reach a consensus? If yes, whom?
  • How was it implemented?
  • When was it implemented?

4) Applied Value

Prompting Questions:

  • What specific outcomes occurred and when?

If your outcome is still in the implementation process, please state what is the current status.

If you will have any questions on the Value Creation Story process, please contact Paulina Biernacka, World Bank at