Course: Parliamentary Committees (Self-Paced)

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff
  • Time Commitment: 30 hours
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Free on World Bank's 'Open Learning Campus'
  • Contact: Vienna Pozer (

About the Course

This course is intended primarily for parliamentary staff, but will benefit Members of Parliament (MPs) and individuals interested in learning more about the core functions of parliaments. The module on parliamentary committees forms part of the self-paced learning program on professional development for parliamentary staff.

Course Objectives

The main objective is to introduce parliamentary staff and Members of Parliament to parliamentary committees focusing on functions, powers and procedures, needs and related issues that govern the effectiveness of parliamentary committees. The training course will increase the understanding of participants on the important role of parliamentary committees in legislature. 

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Parliamentary Committees in Democracies
  • Module 2: Effectiveness of Committees
  • Module 3: Procedural and Administrative Support
  • Module 4: Research Services for Parliamentary Committees
  • Module 5: Parliamentary Committee and the Law-Making Process
  • Module 6: Government Accountability and Parliamentary Committees
  • Module 7: Transparency, Participation and Outreach


If you experience any technical or content difficulties with the course, please don't hesitate to contact Vienna Pozer at