2016 Annual Assembly Feedback Survey

Washington, D.C 

June 7-10, 2016

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Part 2) Content

4. Please rate the below 2016 Annual Assembly activities:

Part 3) Favorite sessions/presentations

6. Which sessions/presentations did you find the most useful? They are listed chronologically below:

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Part 4) e-PBO Portal


9. How would you rate the following logistical components of the Annual Assembly?

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Wait! Three more things...

1) e-PBO Focal Points

Background Information: 

  • On the last morning of the Annual Assembly, the Community Keepers leadership group requested that one person in each country act as an e-PBO focal point.
  • This person would periodically liaise with Benji Holzman, e-PBO Community Manager, to give feedback and help design new e-PBO features, and would also encourage other PBO staff members in their country to use the portal.
  • The time commitment would be very minimal, perhaps one email every 1-2 months.
  • Please note that this is a separate form to the Annual Assembly feedback form above, so we won't be able to link the two - your Annual Assembly feedback will remain anonymous.
  • Alternatively, you can simply email Benji Holzman, e-PBO Community Manager, at info@e-pbo.org.

2) Value Creation Stories

If you attended the 2016 Annual Assembly or took part in a previous GN-PBO network activity, please contribute a Value Creation Story so we can assess how GN-PBO network activities are impacting members, and can then share these stories with others to demonstrate the value of the network.
  • Contribute a Value Creation Story here.
  • See other Value Creation Stories on the Impact page.

3) Member Directory Photos

You can now check out your new member profile photo in the Member Directory.

  • We will also send out a short survey in the coming months about your areas of expertise, so you'll be able to use the Member Directory to search for other members by expertise area.