2014 Annual Assembly: Social Reporters

About Social Reporters

You are invited to help in the ongoing design of this learning partnership by taking responsibility for one aspect of the process during this conference. Everyone belongs to one of five leadership groups, each group acting as stewards on behalf of the whole community.

Elect one or two leaders of your leadership group to keep everyone on task and ensure that your findings are posted on e-pbo.org! Decide your strategy for recording the different parts of the conference and in what way.

There will be times set in the agenda during the conclusion of each day for your group to come together and consolidate your reflections. Each morning your group will make recommendations to the plenary. The table below summarizes the role, guiding questions and outcomes of social reporters. 

Role of Social Reporters


You are responsible for creating a shared internal memory for this community on the e-pbo.org website.

You are encouraged to use different media for recording the meeting: notes, photos, audio, visual recordings.

Suggestions (be creative!):

  • Don’t limit your shared memory simply to a record of the formal proceedings
  • Feel free to walk around during the meeting to take photos from different angles
  • Last year’s social reporters installed a “quote of the day”, “hot-button issue of the day”, and blog posts on the website. 

Guiding Questions

  • What insights and meeting outputs should be captured and recorded? In which format?
  •  How can you optimize the work by sharing it between you?
  •  Who will do the final editing?
  •  What are the privacy concerns (if any) of sharing a memory on the wiki?
  •  What other technologies could we be using to help us in our task?


  • Present a shared memory on the wiki each morning of the conference

This outcome should be uploaded on the   e-pbo.org site for everyone to review and provide feedback, as well as shared with the larger group every morning.


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