2014 Annual Assembly: Community Keepers

About Community Keepers

You are invited to help in the ongoing design of this learning partnership by taking responsibility for one aspect of the process during this conference. Everyone belongs to one of five leadership groups, each group acting as stewards on behalf of the whole community.

Elect one or two leaders of your leadership group to keep everyone on task and ensure that your findings are posted on e-pbo.org! Decide your strategy for finding out and noting whether all the right voices are being heard.

There will be times set in the agenda during the conclusion of each day for your group to come together and consolidate your reflections. On day 4 your group will make recommendations to the plenary. The table below summarizes the role, guiding questions and outcomes of the community keepers.

Role of Community Keepers


  • You are responsible for making sure that all the right voices are being heard.
  • Intervene in the process of this meeting if it looks like some voices are not being heard.
  • Use informal conversations during breaks - or a more organized process - to find out other people’s views.
  • You may review the map/list of existing and planned PBOs in consideration of community membership and voices being heard.


  • Who are the key stakeholders in our practice? How are we listening to them?
  •  Are we developing the kinds of relationships at these meetings where we can talk candidly about practice?
  •  Whose voices are being heard at this meeting? Whose are not? Can newcomers find a way in?
  •  Do we have the right people at the meeting? Are some people missing? Is there one community or many? Are there sub-communities?


  1. A summary of the group’s key insights
  2. Recommendations for how to include more voices at the community meetings & about who else should “be at the table” in these discussions

These two outcomes should be uploaded on the e-pbo.org site for everyone to review and provide feedback, as well as shared with the larger group on Day 4

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