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The “2012 Annual Helsinki Parliamentary Seminar,” hosted by the Parliament of Finland in May 2012, brought together parliamentary leaders from across the globe to identify and capture good practice around the role of parliament and budget formulation. Delegates identified a lack of nonpartisan budget analysis as an impediment to parliaments’ constructive engagement in the budget and law-making process.  In response to this challenge, Parliaments in developed and developing countries are establishing Parliamentary Budget Offices (PBOs) at a record rate in order to provide parliaments with quality, timely, nonpartisan budget analysis.

Established and nascent PBOs do not have an opportunity to engage and learn from PBOs in other regions. Accordingly, delegates to the “2012 Annual Helsinki Parliamentary Seminar” recommended the community of parliamentary budget officers, especially those from developing countries, mobilize as a practitioner learning network in order to strengthen the technical capacity of established and emerging PBOs through knowledge exchange, experience sharing, and identification of good practice. The “Seminar on Open Government, Information and Budget Transparency” seeks to build on this earlier dialogue by providing a forum for knowledge exchange between PBOs around budget analysis and identify a roadmap for moving the PBO learning network forward. 

Seminar Objectives:

The “Seminar on Open Government, Information and Budget Transparency” seeks to:

  1. Convene members of the international PBO community to define a vision for a global PBO learning network and develop a ‘roadmap’ for accelerating knowledge exchange between PBOs globally
  2. Identify and share good practice regarding the design, mandate, functions, and operationalization of PBOs; and
  3. Share experience around data collection and budget analysis

Online registration:

Any questions concerning registration or the Portal should be directed to the Community Steward, Nima Fallah (nfallah@worldbank.org).

Administrative Information:

Information concerning administrative arrangements will be provided in a separate note.  Administrative inquiries should be directed to Vienna Pozer (vpozer@worldbank.org).